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Fair Trade Certified Organic Kosher Fairwild

"Just for Kids®" Cold Care®

1 box (18 tea bags)

3-Pack (3 x 18 tea bags)
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6-Pack (6 x 18 tea bags)
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Polly the Polar Bear lives in the snow and ice. She likes the cold, but she doesn’t like getting cold. And when she does she drinks warm herbal tea.

Luckily, she’s got Tea-ger the Tiger for a friend. He knows all about special plants that make organic Cold Care tea Just for Kids.

Tea-ger gathers special herbs like elder flower. People have been using flowers from the elder tree for a long, long time.

Tea-ger makes the tea taste good, so Polly loves her organic Cold Care tea! Your child will enjoy the pleasant taste of chamomile and peppermint in organic Cold Care tea.