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Fair Trade Certified Organic Non-GMO Kosher Certified B Corporation

Turmeric with Meadowsweet & Ginger

1 box (16 tea bags)

3-Pack (3 x 16 tea bags)
$4.96 per box - SAVE $1.00!

6-Pack (6 x 16 tea bags)
$4.46 per box - SAVE $5.00!


Protective, wise and soothing.

Herbal Power

Promotes healthy digestion and supports a healthy response to inflammation associated with exercise.*

Reason to Love

Inflammation might get a bad rap, but it really can be a useful signal after exercise. Our formula honors this indication with turmeric, a root praised by healers around the world. Reinforced by the power of meadowsweet—historically used much like turmeric—and ginger’s warming properties, our tea represents an herbal trifecta of ancient wisdom and soothing relief.*


Earthy and savory with a hint of spice.