Fair Trade Certified Organic Non-GMO Kosher

Easy Now®

eases Tension and Stress*

1 box (16 tea bags)

6-Pack (6 x 16 tea bags)
$4.49 per box - SAVE $3.00!


Calm, collected and easy-going.

Herbal Power

Helps you relax, easing tension and stress.*

Reason to Love

Like your mellow best friend who tells you, “Easy now, tiger, everything’s going to be all right,” this calming blend of relaxing herbs like passionflower, chamomile, lavender and catnip will help ease tension and stress.* These herbs are called “nervines” because of their ability to have a beneficial effect on your nervous system.* We love this tea anytime we need to step back and take it easy.


A delightful blend of complex herbal tastes—floral, apple-like and minty!