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Healthy Cycle®

supports a Healthy Menstrual Cycle*

1 box (16 tea bags)

3-Pack (3 x 16 tea bags)
$4.96 per box - SAVE $1.00!

6-Pack (6 x 16 tea bags)
$4.79 per box - SAVE $3.00!


Feminine, healthy and empowering.

Herbal Power

A wholesome tea that supports healthy menstruation.*

Reason to Love

Based on the traditional combination of raspberry and nettle, with other complementary herbs like angelica root, blessed thistle and cramp bark, this tea uses a tonic approach to women’s health. Herbal tonics gently support and nurture you, helping to promote balance and good health.* A blend of pleasant herbal tastes, we love this tea’s ability to support women’s wellness and vitality.*


Pleasantly herbal, with hints of citrus and mint.